In addition to the release of the new Evolution Zoom multidisciplinary surgical microscope, Seiler has also added new accessories to the microscope pipeline including a laser barrier filter and dual iris diaphragm. Please visit the accessories page to view these along with our many other products.
Seiler Precision Microscopes has been providing high quality optics and service to the medical industry for over 66 years. Seiler offers a full line of Medical Microscope Products, including: Colposcopes, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Audiology, Compound and Laboratory Microscopes, Multidisciplinary Surgery Microscopes and Surgical Loupes.
Seiler Precision Microscopes provides a complete line of dental microscopy product for the dental industry, including: Surgical Microscopes, Dental Loupes, Loupe Lights, and Dental Stools. Our products focus on extending the dental professional's career through advanced ergonomics and magnification.

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